How podcast owner Kelvin McCollum stayed within his niche

Jun 17, 2023

Podcasting has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people starting their own shows. However, it can be challenging to stay within a niche and maintain a dedicated audience. Kelvin McCollum, the owner of the podcast "The Musician's Arsenal," has managed to do just that. In this post, we'll explore how he has stayed within his niche and kept his listeners engaged.

Consistency is Key

One of the most important things Kelvin has done is to be consistent with his podcast. He releases new episodes on a regular schedule, which helps his viewers know when to expect new content. This consistency also helps Kelvin stay on track with his niche. His audience knows what to expect from him, and he delivers every time.

podcast consistency
Kelvin McCollum

Engage with Your Audience

Kelvin also makes an effort to engage with his audience. He encourages viewers to send in questions and feedback, which he then addresses in future episodes. By doing this, he is showing his audience that he cares about their opinions and wants to provide them with valuable content.

podcast audience engagement

Collaborate with Others in Your Niche

Another way Kelvin has stayed within his niche is by collaborating with others in the industry. He has had guest musicians on his show, as well as industry professionals who provide valuable insights. By doing this, he is not only providing his listeners with diverse perspectives, but he is also establishing himself as a thought leader within his niche.

podcast collaboration

Stay Up-to-Date with Industry Trends

In order to stay relevant within his niche, Kelvin also makes an effort to stay up-to-date with industry trends. He attends conferences and events, reads industry publications, and follows thought leaders on social media. By doing this, he is able to provide his listeners with the latest information and insights.

podcast industry trends

Provide Value to Your Viewers

Ultimately, the key to staying within a niche is to provide value to your listeners. Kelvin does this by providing practical advice, sharing his own experiences, and bringing on guests who can provide valuable insights. By doing this, he has established himself as a trusted source of information within the musician community.

podcast provide value


Staying within a niche can be challenging, but Kelvin McCollum has proven that it is possible. By being consistent, engaging with his audience, collaborating with others in his industry, staying up-to-date with industry trends, and providing value to his listeners, he has established himself as a thought leader within the musician community. If you're looking to start your own podcast, take a page from Kelvin's book and stay focused on your niche.